ACCUGENCE ® Blood Glucose Test Strip (Glucose Dehydrogenase FAD-Dependent)

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ACCUGENCE ® Blood Glucose Test Strip (GDH) are flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD)-dependent glucose dehydrogenases based test strips works for both home and professional use at affordable price.

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Clinically Proven Accuracy with Lab Quality
Tiny Sample Volume and Fast Reading Time
Hematocrit Interference Compensation
Auto Test Strip Type Recognition
Allow 2nd Sample Application Within 3 seconds
Wider storage temperature
8 Electrodes
Zero Maltose and Xylose Interference


Model: SM211
Measurement Range:0.6-33.3mmol/L (10-600mg/dL)
Sample Volume:0.7μL
Testing Time: 5 seconds
Sample type: Fresh Whole Blood (Capillary, Venous)
HCT Range: 10-70%
Storage Temperature:2-35°C
Open Vial Shelf-life: 6 months S
trip shelf-life(Unopened) :24 months

About us:

e-Linkcare Meditech Co.,Ltd is a high-tech multinational company built through the cooperation between London UK and Hangzhou China with its own manufacturing facilities based in Xianju, Zhejiang, China where we manufacture a range of medical equipment of our own design including AccugenceTM Multi Monitoring System, UBREATH TM Spirometer System etc.,

Since the day established, e-Linkcare Meditech Co.,Ltd is committed to improving chronic disease management with cutting-edge technology, humanized design, well-controlled manufacturing technique as well as integrated digital and mobile healthcare solution. We strive for excellent usability, smoother user experience, and continuous innovation as our mission.

Working with healthcare professionals within various clinical areas all over the world, we have developed a profound understanding of your varying needs. These insights, combined with our extensive knowledge, experience and innovation, help us develop the point-of-care testing solutions of tomorrow.

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