ACCUGENCE ® Blood Glucose Test Strip (Glucose Dehydrogenase FAD-Dependent)

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ACCUGENCE ® Blood Glucose Test Strip (GDH) are flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD)-dependent glucose dehydrogenases based test strips works for both home and professional use at affordable price.

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Clinically Proven Accuracy with Lab Quality
Tiny Sample Volume and Fast Reading Time
Hematocrit Interference Compensation
Auto Test Strip Type Recognition
Allow 2nd Sample Application Within 3 seconds
Wider storage temperature
8 Electrodes
Zero Maltose and Xylose Interference


Model: SM211
Measurement Range:0.6-33.3mmol/L (10-600mg/dL)
Sample Volume:0.7μL
Testing Time: 5 seconds
Sample type: Fresh Whole Blood (Capillary, Venous)
HCT Range: 10-70%
Storage Temperature:2-35°C
Open Vial Shelf-life: 6 months S
trip shelf-life(Unopened) :24 months

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