ACCUGENCE ® LITE Multi-Monitoring System (PM 910)

Short Description:

ACCUGENCE ® LITE Multi-Monitoring System ( Model No. PM 910) is a simple alternative to ACCUGENCE PM900 that let you do all the main things you’d expect from a basic multi-monitoring monitoring system with less cost compare to PM900.

Product Detail

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Advanced Features:
4 in 1 Multi-Function
Underdose Detection
New Enzyme Technology
Wide HCT Range
Small blood sample volume
Wide operating temperature
Comprehensive quality control
Reliable result
Clinical proven performance
Full Compliance ISO 15197: 2013 / EN ISO 15197:2015

Technical Specifications






Blood Glucose, Blood β-Ketone, and Blood Uric Acid

Measurement Range

Blood Glucose: 0.6 - 33.3 mmol/L (10 - 600 mg/dL)

Blood β-Ketone: 0.0 - 8.0 mmol/L

Uric Acid: 3.0 - 20.0 mg/dL (179 - 1190 μmol/L)

Hematocrit Range

Blood Glucose and β-Ketone: 10% - 70 %

Uric Acid: 25% - 60%


When testing β-Ketone, Uric Acid or Blood glucose with Glucose Dehydrogenase
FAD-Dependent, use fresh capillary whole blood and venous Blood samples;

When testing Blood glucose with Glucose Oxidase: use fresh capillary whole blood

Minimum Sample Size

Blood Glucose: 0.7 μL

Blood β-Ketone: 0.9 μL

Blood Uric Acid: 1.0 μL

Test Time

Blood Glucose: 5 seconds

Blood β-Ketone: 5 seconds

Blood Uric Acid: 15 seconds

Units of Measure

Blood Glucose:

The meter is preset to either millimole per liter (mmol/L) or milligrams per
deciliter (mg/dL) depending on the standard of your country.

Blood β-Ketone:The meter is preset to millimole per liter (mmol/L)

Blood Uric Acid:The meter is preset to either micromoles per liter (μmol/L) or
milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) depending on the standard of your country.


Blood Glucose +β-Ketone+ Uric acid = 150 tests

Automatic Shutoff

2 minutes

Meter Size

79 mm × 50 mm × 14.5 mm

On/Off Source

One CR 2032 3.0V coin cell batteries

Battery Life

Around 500 tests

Display Size

30 mm × 32 mm


36 g (with battery installed)

Operating Temperature

Glucose and Ketone: 5 - 45 ºC (41 - 113ºF)

Operating Relative Humidity

Uric Acid: 10 - 40 ºC (50 - 104ºF)

10 - 90% (non-condensing)

Operating Altitude

0 - 10000 feet (0 - 3048 meters)

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